Ye Olde Picture Gallery
This gallery is for drawings of which I don't have photos.  When I work, this is how I see the drawings (albeit on a larger scale).  So here are a few things I've been working on over time. Enjoy

This drawing is, how do you say it, bird-like.  Yep, it resembles a bird.  It's a closeup of another picture.  Over the years, of all the drawings I've made, this is one of my favorites.


This is a drawing series that I've been working on for a long period of time. One day I came up with a drawing that was one of the best that I ever did...unfortunately I nuked it by accident...oops. It was similar to this one, but I haven't quite been able to reproduce it. That doesn't stop me from trying. Even though this isn't the one that I'm looking for...I still like it.


This is a series of drawings called automaton.  It's not that the drawings represent anything related to an automaton, but there is a section that has been automated to assist in drawing objects.  Here is four pictures from that series.  These drawings are all quite similar to each other in some ways but subtle differences in how the pictures are drawin can lead to different results.