Some years ago, an idea popped into me noggin and it took many years, but it finally came to fruition and here it is for you to see.  This is an all-white tetrahedron and then an all-black tetrahedron has patterns cut into it and is then folded around the white tetrahedron.

It was surprisingly difficult to find appropriate black paper.  It was easy to find black paper which had a white interior that could be folded and cut.  It was easy to find a paper that black throughout but not thin enough to fold and cut well.  I was traveling in New Zealand and on the way home stopped at Pearl Art Supply (RIP) in San Francisco and they said, "Oh, we have just the thing."  So I had them ship a whole bunch of sheets home and I was off to town and ended up making ten of them.

This were pretty time consuming as I had to lay them out by hand as well as cut them by hand. So many hours and Exacto blades later...

Now, I could do it on a computer and use a laser cutter and could do it so much quicker.  The most difficult thing would be coming up with the designs.  Nah, actually the most difficult thing would be getting off my backside and doing it.

I made these well before I had a web page and never, ever imagined I'd be showing these in public and snapped a few quick pictures with a cheap camera without any thought as to composition and lighting, so sorry about the lower quality photos.

I gave one of these to a guy I met while in New Zealand for Christmas.  He was younger, twenty-three years old or so, with the typical friends of that age.  He really liked it but his roommates were convinced I had the hots for him saying, "No one makes something like that for someone unless they're trying to get them in bed."  Ah yes, the impeccable logic and mindset of the young.