1991 Klein Attitude
1991 Klein Attitude
I saw this on the local craigslist and thought I would drive about fourty miles and have a look.  I wasn't sure if I would be buying it or not going there but I took one look at it and knew I wouldn't be leaving without it.  Did I need this?  No, but it was in such perfect condition, barely a scratch on it and it had a rigid fork.  He had it listed as a 1995 model but I told him it was a 1991.  He replied that some guy from California had told him the same thing.  I said, "Oh, you talked to so-and-so, eh?"  "How did you know?"  "Eh, just a guess."

I bargained the guy down a bit.  I'm not usually the one to futz over a few dollars but in this case, I was buying from a pawnshop and I know that he lowballs people all the time, so I didn't feel bad about the last few dollars.  The guy thought he was making a killing on it and I'm sure he was but he didn't realize that I could double (or more) what I paid for it for the frame alone.  I didn't have to that to him.  He tried to play the guy from California off against me but I wouldn't hear anything of it.  "I'm here with cash, he is not."

There is only picture of this for now.  It's at a local machine shop where I do some metal work at this time but I'll be getting it back soon and will have more pictures soon.  I still have some work to do on this.  I'd like to replace the brake/shifter combo with M732 thumbshifters and M733 brake levers.  I'm thinking about rebuilding the wheels with M732 black anodized hubs but I'll have to see what I can find.  Oh, and I removed those hideous bar ends.  First thing that was done!

Parts List

Frame 1991 Klein Attitude in pearl white
Fork Klein Attitude Rigid
Stem/Bar Klein MC1
Bar Ends none
Grips Klein
Cranks M732
Rear Derailleur M735
Front Derailleur M735
Cassette HG-90 7 Speed 11-30
Chain HG91
Bottom Bracket Klein
Pedals XT M735
Brakes M735
Brake Levers XT STM095 combos
Shifters XT STM095 combos
Headset Klein
Saddle Selle Turbo
Seatpost M732 27.2*350mm
Hubs XT M732 32h
Rims Ritchey Vantage Comps
Tire Specialized Ground Control Extreme
Skewers Ringle Titanium polished

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