1992 Klein Attitude
1993 Klein Attitude
This is a 92 Attitude.  It's a grab bag of parts, most of which are pretty nice.  Mavic 217 Rims, Specialized cranks, and Suntour XC-Pro shifters.  The only downside to the parts is the Manitou EFC fork.  The fork really has very little suspension left and even then, the bike still rides nice.  Actually, it's almost like a rigid fork :-).  Once a rigid fork is on there, it will ride even better.  There are no dings to the tubes and the bike was repainted in 1998 and used less than a year after repaint.  There are two paint dings on the stem but other than that, it's in excellent shape.

Pretty much everything is going to be replaced eventually.  Recently I picked up a rigid fork.  I'm polishing the fork and will be putting decals that I made myself on it.  I have Avid levers and Tri-Align cantilevers for it.  These parts are pictured below.  I plan on having some blue anodized parts on it, but not too much.  Green anodized parts are another matter, they are pretty rare.

This bike was up for bid on Ebay at a ridiculously low price with one minute left.  I wasn't that serious about the bike due to the fork but put in a bid for $5 more.  The clock ticked away and no one outbid me.  With twenty seconds left I was screeching, "Bid, damn you, bid!"  I was surprised to win and when I did said, "Oh crap, I really didn't expect that."

Rigid ForkAvid leversAvid Tri-Align Cantis

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