Turn Around Is Fair Play

This is a pretty cool shirt for sure.  I gave Kent Lind some ideas and he really ran with it.  I wanted the cow to have some really nice letters and have the moose be nothing but a vandal.  Look closely at what he is holding...it's a can of spray paint!  Well, on the back of the shirt, someone gives the moose his come-uppance. 

I gave the airbrusher some ideas of what I wanted for the goose smirking and laughing but the format the I thought of just didn't work.  One of my favorite parts of this jersey is the goose.  That was done absolutely perfectly.  I really like how he had the vine move about the shirt very organically like a real vine does.  So yeah, this is a good one.

Turnaround Front
Turnaround Back
Turn Around Sleeve
Turn Around Sleeve

I fought the log...
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