Wrap Around

For this jersey, I wanted something very different.  Well, all the jerseys are different, but different than even the rest.  I decided to try a wrap-around design.  Most jerseys have something on the front and back and then may have something on the side panels but few are really a 360 degree design, so that inspired this one.  I wanted it to be a shockingly bright to match my yellow/red/pink giraffe-spotted bike and it is shockingly bright.

I was in a race once coming to the finish and the announcer saw me coming in and said, "And here comes another racer...Holy Cow!  Look at those colors!"  So yeah, they're bright.  There was another race where they had a newscrew filming and after the race they looked around for someone to interview and they kind of picked right out of the crowd.

This next series of shirts was done by a Minneapolis airbrusher named Kent Lind of Air To Be Different.  I'm really happy with his work.  I come up with ideas and often say, "Here is kind of what I want.  You fill in the details."  He's come up with a lot of good ideas and sometimes says, "That won't really work" and comes up with something better.  For example, I said, "Cover up the logo on the center, rear pocket."  And he comes up with the moose tracks.  Perfect.

Wrap Around
Wrap Around 2
Buck Hill
The picture above was taken at the MMBS race at Buck Hill in Burnsville, MN and is one of my favorite race pictures of the year.  The one below was at the MMBS race at Mapleag.  Good times!

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