Klein Bottom Bracket Tool

All the old school Kleins had a pressed in bottom bracket.  Some people used a hammer to get them in and out but there was an official Klein tool that was used and I figured, might as well use a tool designed for the job. As such, I fabricated my own tool.

Soon enough I'll have a photo guide how to use the tool but that is for another day.

BB Press
Everything was created from raw metal stock except for the threaded rod (we could have made this but it would have been a lot of threading or just go the hardware store and buy the rod for $4) and the bearing (see below).  I asked where we could buy the nuts and they said, "We'll make them."  And that's what happened.

BB Press
The front three pieces are part of a radial thrust bearing.

BB Press
I looked into buying a radial thrust bearing but they're pretty expensive.  The basic purpose of it to allow you to push on the bottom bracket but not twist it.  Turning the handle of the press would cause twisting motions on the pieces.  So the bearing will allow the rod to rotate but not the BB parts.

So the larger piece pushes against the bottom bracket (the bearing fits inside it) and the smaller part is against the rotating threaded rod and pushes aginst the inner race of the bearing (which rotates).  The bearing is an old bearing from a Klein BB that I had sitting around.

BB Press
These two parts are used to remove the bearings from the BB spindle.  These aren't a part of the official tool but something useful to have around.  These are used in conjuction with the headset press and you'll have pictures when the guide to using the press is made. 

One thing interesting about these parts is that these were the first parts that I made on my own where I saw problem and create a solution.  All the other parts up until this time were copied.  These aren't intricate parts but it's part of the learing process of "Aha...I know what to do." 

Now I do that all the time but back then, it was enough trying to remember to remove the key from the lathe before starting it up.  A key is similar to the tool that tighten the chuck on a drill.  It's a well known thing among machinists: 


If the key is in the chuck when you turn it on, it can throw the key at you and embed it in your skull.  Very bad!

Below is a standard headset press that was adapted from the Klein BB tool.  It's not complicated, just made two disks and voila...a headset press for non-Klein bikes.

BB Press

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