Fork Mount Adapters

I bought a fat bike but couldn't fit it on the existing parts of my roof rack.  A standard mountain bike has a 100 mm wide front hub while a fat bike has a 135 mm hub in front.  So what to do?

So we had a talk with the guys at the shop and came up with these parts below.  They're even nicer than the original parts as these parts are made of stainless steel and won't corrode in the winter salt.  I've had one mount where the quick release corroded inside the adapter and it tooks a month of soaking in penetrating oil, pounding, and lots of heat to finally get it out.  So now I can mount my fat bike in my standard roof rack.  Even made a few extra ones in stainless steel that are 100 mm wide.

If you're interested, we have a few extra 135 mm. fat bike adapters for sale.  For more information, contact me at
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Fat Bike Adapters
This shows the original version, my 100 mm. version in the middle, and the bottom is the fat bike adapter. 

Below is pictured a fat bike.  They can be used in all conditions but they are most useful in snowy conditions.  The wide, low pressure tires can function in a lot of conditions where you would have to give up with regular mountain bike tires.  The tires are bigger and the frames, hubs, and bottom brackets are also wider.
Fat Bike

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