Misc. Goodies

This page is for various small items that have been made.  Nothing big nor too specific but things that needed to be done.  There are a few more items to be added when I get pictures.

Bullseye Collars
I bought a 1992 Klein Rascal that came with Bullseye wheels.  The collars on the hub could not be removed.  The set screw was steel and even though the collar itself was aluminum, the set screw had corroeded couldn't be taken off.  It was soaked in pentrating oil for weeks and it didn't come off and applying heat, while often effective, would probably cause too much damage.  Eventually the screw's allen heads got stripped, so I machined a new set of collars. Easy enough.
Bullseye Collars

Needed a few new end caps for a bike rack and the caps were $14 for four.  They really weren't that well designed and over the years allowed a slight bit of water to seep in and rust the bars and bubble to coating.  So, I made some end caps on the lathe.  They fit much tighter and I got to some experience with materials other than aluminum and steel.  This type of plastic cuts so easily on the lathe.  It's nice to work with

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