1992 Klein Rascal
1992 Klein Rascal
I really didn't intend to buy this bike but it appeared on the local craigslist and it was about a mile away from my home.  So, might as well have a look.  The frame was in pretty nice condition and it had nice derailleurs, shifters, and bar ends, but some of the other parts were so-so.  Not bad parts but nothing to get excited about.  It did come with a nice set of Bullseye wheels and nearly brand new tires.  I was thinking about it and it wasn't a bad deal by any means but it wasn't a superb deal and it was slightly smaller than ideal for me.  Rideable for sure but not the perfect choice.  Then he mentioned that he had a another set of wheels with Bullseye hubs, Mt. Titan rims, double butted spokes, and a new set of tires.  The second wheelset was NOS...score!  That clinched it.  The wheelset was probably equal to most of what he was asking for it and I was looking for a wheelset for my NOS American M16 so that evening I left with another bike to add to my growing collection.

The guy had half a dozen bikes and wanted to buy a new one but his wife said that to get another one he had to sell one and he decided that the oldest one had to go, as much as he was going to miss it.  He had me talk to wife explaining to her that this was going to be my 15th bike and I lived in a one-bedroom apartment.  She was impressed but needless to say, was not going to change her mind.

I'm not quite sure what's going to be done with this.  Some of the parts are so-so but perfectly functional.  I may replace them, I may not.  We'll see what comes of this in the future.

Parts List

Frame  1992 Klein Rascal in UltraViolet/Magenta Fade
Fork Klein Spinner
Stem/Bar Klein MC
Bar Ends Onza Ti
Grips Onza
Cranks Sugino 175 46/36/24
Rear Derailleur XT M735
Front Derailleur XT M735
Cassette Shimano 12-32
Chain Shimano HG
Bottom Bracket Klein
Pedals Generic Flats
Brakes Dia-Compe 986
Brake Levers Dia-Compe SS5
Shifters XT M732 Thumb Shifters
Headset Onza
Saddle Selle Turbo
Seatpost GT 27.2*350mm
Hubs Bullseye 32h
Rims Matrix Mt. Titan
Tire Michelin Wild Grip'r
Skewers Generic Shimano

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