Links:  A few places on the web where you can learn more.
If you've liked reading about the Dusky Track, there is another track that is quite similar.  It's called the George Sound Track and I've written about it twice.  Additionally I've done the Dusky two more times.  There is also another site with some pictures and a description with some additional links to the track.

Jan, whom I spent time with in the Bay of Islands and the far south has a website dedicated to travel writing and photography.

Marc and Karin have an excellent  Round-The-World Travel Guide .  It contains a great deal of information about how to plan, what issues to consider, etc.  It's geared towards the RTW traveler, but the information in there is appropriate for any extended travel or even more limited travel.  For example, all travelers face the issue of how to deal with money.  Check it out, it's pretty good.

John Gregory has a site How to See the World: The Art of Backpacking with lots of good information about traveling.

I was with Nicolas when I was on Stewart Island.  He also has a travelogue of his trip.  There is even a small picture of  Rob, Valerie, and I in there.  He has several travelogues in there, but only the NZ story is in English..   He also has a photography web site called Wild Lights.