Mr. Moose On The Loose!
What happens when you give a large, North American hoofed ungulate a passport and plane tickets and send him off on a trip around the world?  Well naturally you get...Mr. Moose On The Loose!

This travelogue recounts a trip around the world that lasted for several years.  Sometimes I was a tourist in the things I did, other times I was the first tourist to ever visit a village.  I climbed mountains and swam in the ocean.  I sat in the sun and played in the rain.  I did a lot of things and this is my story.

You'll get to read about the traveller who is not only running from the police, but also from himself.  Experience how he was charged by an enraged yak and walked (well, limped) away to tell the tale.  Hear how he defeated all the evil forces of the Universe while simultaneously waging a pitched battle against a horde of third world vendors selling plastic Buddhas and managed to fight them to a draw.  You'll get all this and a lot more.  So take some time and relax and have a read.  The adventure starts....NOW!
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Papua New Guinea Madagascar
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I'm going to be adding new material as often as I can.  I don't know exactly how often that is, but I'll do the best I can.  If you are interested in reading more, I can notify you when new material comes out.  Send me an email and I'll keep you updated:

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New Zealand and Fiji Travel Short Stories Mr. Moose Home
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