Mr. Moose's Ten Commandments of Travel:  I've learned a lot when I've traveled.  I guess if there were a few lessons that I could pass on to someone about being on the road, these would be it.

1) Wander far and wide.

2) Enjoy the company of the person you are with.

3) Be curious.

4) When in Rome, do as the Romans do, provided that you want to do what the Romans do.

5) When you're happy, be happy and when you're sad, be sad. This is life after all.

6) Do something new every day.

7) As long as there is no physical danger (and even if there is), take chances.

8) If you get stuck out in the middle of nowhere when hitchhiking, don't worry, you'll be ok.

9) Patience.

10) Share yourself and take in others that you meet.