The Cottonwood - Spring 1996
Moosey and the Tree
Here I am sitting on the rock by the tree.  Look at how large it is.  The tree grows downhill of the rock and the point you see on the tree is over ten feet off the ground.  I really like the patterns that form in the bark.  Nature always seems to come up with something to wow me.  As I mentioned, it was a pleasant spring day, the sun was out, the skies were blue, and the greens really green.  I was happy.

Inside the Big Cottonwood
This is the hollow on the far side of the tree.  When I said the hollow was really large, I meant it.  It really was big enough to fit a whole heap of people.  I knew the tree was old from the moment I saw it.  From inside the hollow, I could see from the size of the growth rings and massive volume of the trunk that this tree was very old.