The Cottonwood - Spring 1999
The Old Cottonwood Tree
This is the view of the tree as you come down the trail.  It's how I first saw it in 1996, though this particular picture was taken in 1999.  In some of the previous pictures, you could see how green the tree was.  In this picture, there's no green on it, even though the trees in the background are covered in leaves.  Notice how red the rocks of the canyon are.  You can probably understand where the name Red Cliffs came from, huh?  The cottonwood tree is obviously a very large tree, but how large isn't necessarily apparent in this view.

One More Time
From this vantage point, the real size of the trunk becomes apparent.  The tree is situated on a hillside and the rock I sat on is on the uphill side and covers up a good deal of the height of the trunk.  It really is an unusual tree.