Flowers On The Track

There are quite a few flowers in Fiordlands, but you might not know it unless you look closely.  In general, the flowers in the area are quite small and easy enough to pass by.  The exception being the flowers in the upper right and the third row on the left, which are approximately 3-5 cm. across.  They don't jump out at you like they do in other areas, but they are still nice nonetheless.

Most of these flowers were found near Centre Pass.  The flowers above, which might be edelweiss, were found on the climb to Mt. Memphis.  These flowers are particularily small and sparse as dictated by their harsh environments.  The flowers to the left were growing in the thick mosses of the river valleys. 

The two pictures below aren't flower, but giant fungus, which is similar in that both are blooms related to reproduction. I've included my pack in the one picture to give an idea of scale.  Both are about the same size and were found along the Spey River near Aubrey Peak.