Mt. Memphis
Spey Valley
Mt. Memphis Snow
High Peak
Spey Valley
Best Picture of All
Ascending The Mountain
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Spey Valley

Mt. Memphis Legend
Mt. Memphis Panorama

Ok folks, here it is...Mt. Memphis.  One the finest areas not only on the Dusky, but one of the finest areas I've seen anywhere.  At the top are a few regular pictures.  If there is one single photo that I would choose from the entire trip, it would have to be the picture at the top left.  It's a good one.  If I had to choose one scenery photo, it would be this panoramic photo.

So, especially for you is a Mt. Memphis 360 degree photo including an interactive movie.  To view the movie, click on the link below and use your left/right arrow keys to move around the panorama or click the mouse button and move the mouse.
Mt. Memphis PanoramaMt. Memphis PanoramaMt. Memphisl PanoramaPanoramic Moive