Tripod Hill, Gair Loch, and Centre Pass
Tripod Hill and Gair Loch
Tripod Hill Closeup
Tripod Hill and Gair Loch
Tripod Hill
Tripod Hill/Centre Pass Panorama

The two pictures on top are conventional photos and certainly worth looking at.  And then there's a great 360 degree panorama of Tripod Hill and the approach to Centre Pass.  To give you an idea of what you're looking at, some of the features have been labeled above.  There are three sizes of the picture depending on the size of your monitor as well as an interactive movie.  So whoa-hey, go nuts!

As for the movie, use the left/right arrows or click-and-move the mouse to rotate the panorama.
Tripod Hill PanoramaTripod Hill PanoramaTripod Hill PanoramaInteractive Panoramic Movie