The Moose Wears Boots!

The long awaited return to New Zealand and Fiji has finally happened.  For a long time, I had wanted to see my friends and to return to the wilds of New Zealand and tramp through its forests.  Hitchhiking would be the main way of getting around.  It seems that such a travelogue could only be called...Hiking Boots and Kindly Strangers.

You can read of people who picked me up hitching who said "You looked harmless" even though I've always wanted to be (or least look like) a dangerous criminal.  Meet my Fijian friend Isoa who thinks Mr. Moose knows everything even though there is abundant evidence to the contrary.  You'll hike some of the wildest and most beautiful lands in the entire world.  It's all here.  So free your mind, get your backpack, and put on your hiking boots.  I'm Mr. Moose and if you're ready...lets go!

Prologue The Dusky Track!
Prologue North To South The Dusky Track!

Who Is This Mr. Moose Clown Anyways?
Northwest Circuit
Who Is Mr. Moose?

Folks, this is all I have for now, but I'm actively working on producing the rest of the chapters for this travelogue.  So come on back sometime or send me an email and I'll notify you of updates.  Also, if you have any comments about these pages or questions about any sort of travel (or vice-versa), you can contact me at:

Mr. Moose's Email

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New Zealand and Fiji Round The World Travel Travel Short Stories
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