One of the most beautiful places in the world is the rainforest.  Many people think of the Amazon when they hear 'rainforest', I think of New Zealand.  These forests are so green, so wet, and so amazing that I had to return to walk among the rivers, trees, and mosses once again.  It was time for a Rainforest Reprise.  This is the story of that trip which went from the U.S. to Fiji and to New Zealand.  However, it's more than just the rainforest, but it's about the mountains, tramping, hitchhiking, the seas, desert canyons, and meeting people from all over.

So if you're interested in traveling to places that are so beautiful it hurts, this might be a place for you.  

The Moose Wears Boots!

Prologue Southern Circuit George Sound Track

Who Is This Mr. Moose Clown Anyways?
Dusky Track
Who is Mr. Moose?

Folks, this is all I have for now, but I'm actively working on producing the remaining chapters.  So come on back sometime or send me an email and I'll notify you of updates.  Also, if you have any comments about these pages or questions about any sort of travel (or vice-versa), you can contact me at:

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New Zealand and Fiji Round The World Travel Travel Short Stories
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