Mr. Moose's Custom Airbrushed Jerseys

In my fourth ever race, I was racing expert/pro class and placed fourth.  I went to visit a friend who worked at a restaurant and the owner was there.  My friend said, "Hey, John, he got fourth place, why don't you sponsort him?"  John asked me a few questions about racing and gave me a sponsorship and told me to get a shirt made.  So I did.

I wasn't quite sure what to do and ended up going to an airbrush artist.  The name of his four restaurants went on the back in and on the front I put a big "Team Moosepoop" logo.  The John's reaction was uncertain as I hadn't asked him but he loved it.  So, most of the cycling jerseys are custom airbrushed.  Here is what I have accumulated over the years.  In the next few weeks, I should have a few more too, so I'm looking forward to really styling' while racing.

Original Team Moosepoop Ealge nest Lodge Jersey
Cows! Hmmmm.......
The Original Eagle Nest Lodge Cows!

Wrap Around On the Podium Turnaround I fought the log...
Wrap-Around Podium Turn Around Is Fair Play I fought the log...
Art Jersey

Art Jerseys

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